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Silver Services for Employers

Welcome Florida employers willing to list jobs for all age groups, including older workers!

The Employ Florida - Silver Edition has been created to address the mutual needs of Florida employers / organizations and retirement-aged Florida jobseekers. It is sponsored by CareerSource Florida, the Florida Department of Elder Affairs, the Florida Chamber of Commerce, the Governor's Commission on Volunteerism and Community Service, Volunteer Florida, the Florida Leadership Group of the National Governor's Association Policy Academy on Older Workers, Employers, and Volunteerism, and other members of the Silver Edition Task Force.

What is the purpose of this website?

The purpose of this website is to provide useful information to jobseekers who wish to remain in or return to the workforce beyond "retirement."

Are many older workers returning to the workforce, or continuing to work past retirement age?

The Jobs for Seniors website reports that "At least 10% of retirees today are going back to work and the number of older Americans either holding jobs or looking for work has been rising since about 1992."

Why are businesses actively looking to hire older workers?

By 2010, almost one in three workers will be at least 50. At the same time the Baby Boomers are retiring, the number of new workers entering the labor force continues to decline and this trend is projected to continue. This leaves many employers with the issue of where to find the skilled, experienced, reliable employees they need.

How can older workers benefit my business?

Older workers are a valuable resource to businesses because they:

  • Bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the job.
  • Typically require little training except perhaps in the ever-changing new technologies.
  • Have demonstrated track records for performance and dependability.
  • Can be flexible in their work arrangements.
  • Desire periodic or part time work that offers an opportunity to tailor work schedules to business cycles and requirements. Since they have already retired, they may not require health benefits.
  • Can serve as mentors and role models for younger colleagues.

I'd like to make my business older worker friendly. How do I accomplish this?

The Employ Florida provides the option for employers seeking to hire experienced, retirement-aged workers to identify themselves as "older worker-friendly" when they register. If you are already registered, simply update your profile to select "older worker-friendly" and your jobs will automatically be presented to jobseekers who search for jobs from the Silver Edition.

What are some specific human resources policies that older worker-friendly businesses follow?

The following are some examples of human resource policies that are commonly considered "older worker-friendly" that appeal to the candidates you are seeking:

  • Actively seeking to attract and retain the experienced workers that are approaching retirement age or who have retired but are seeking some type of employment.
  • Have or are adopting human resource policies that are attractive to these jobseekers.
  • Have more flexible working arrangements including:
    • Flexible work hours and/or compressed work schedules;
    • Temporary work assignments with short term employment periods of employment or consulting work;
    • Transition or phasing into retirement;
    • Longer vacation or sabbatical options to encourage and allow travel opportunities;
    • Contract agreements for work that may allow different work arrangements such as work from home;
    • Unusual and creative work schedules (e.g. weekend only, "floating" schedules, seasonal work, on-call assignments and "back filling" work for other workers' absenteeism).

Can I list volunteer opportunities on the website?

Yes, once you have registered as an employer (this includes governmental, educational, healthcare and not-for-profit organizations) you can easily create job orders for all types of opportunities. Simply select "volunteer" from the "special job opportunity" drop down menu.

I'd like to get started – how do I access Employ Florida?

Click here to register and create a job order on EFM. If you are not registered, you must first register.